Whitemetal Bearing Repair Service

Whitemetal lined bearings are sacrificial parts, so their “failure” is part of their function in order to protect the more valuable rotating elements of a machine. At a fraction of the time and cost, bearings can be repaired and put into service on critical plant with confidence.

Decades of Experience.

Oiltech Bearings has decades of combined experience in repairing whitemetal lined bearings and seals.

Rapid response for emergency breakdowns

Urgent requests are part of our business to meet clients' needs when unplanned outages occur.

Re-Engineering during repair

Re-engineering part during the repair process allows Oiltech Bearings to provide new parts for strategic spares or future orders.

Quality Assured

Repairing bearings follows a robust process with the same ultrasonic and dye penentrant requirement used for manufacturing new parts.

babbitt bearing repair

Repair Process

Oiltech Bearings has robust, quality assured process for repair of bearings. If a bearing is deemed un-repairable during inspection, we can re-engineer and manufacture new parts.

    Detailed inwards inspection and re-engineering if requested
    Run-off old whitemetal alloy by melting
    Grit blasting the bearing shell
    Submerged tinning
    Proof machining
    Ultrasonic Inspection to ISO 4386-1
    Re-sizing of journal bearing shells
    Final Machining
    Dye Penetrant Inspection to ISO 4386-3
    Final Dimension Inspection
    Preservation and Packaging

Types of Bearings To Repair

    Gas Turbine Bearings and Liners
    Steam Turbine Bearings
    Generator Bearing Liners
    Load Gearbox Bearings
    Compressor Tilt Pad Journal Bearings
    Pump Bearings/Sleeve Bearings
    Ball Mill Bearing Pads
    Active and In-active (Loaded or Unloaded) Thrust Bearings
    Equalising Thrust Bearings
    Combined Journal and Thrust Bearings
    Floating Whitemetal lined Seals
    Balance Piston Seals (Abrasion Seals)
    Pinion Shafts
    Copper-Chrome-Zirconium Journal and Thrust Pad Bearings