Manufacturing new bearings and seals for critical rotating machinery for OEMs, after market and end users. Oiltech offers a make to print service for OEMs along with re-engineering and new designs which can be of any brand or type of bearing.

OEM Supply Chain

Make to print manufacturing services for all types of whitemetal bearings, tilt pad bearing assemblies and seals.

Aftermarket Spares

Responsive, high quality repairs to support planned and emergency outages on turbines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes and turbomachinery.

End Users

Spare part solutions for rotating equipment. Cost effective and quick turnaround to replace difficult to source bearings.

fixed profile journal bearing

Fixed Profile Journal Bearings

Journal bearings for heavy industrial machinery such as generators and turbines can be supplied with hydrostatic jacking / lifting.

    Ellipical (Lemon Bore)
    Offset Halves
    Tri-lobed and 4 lobed
    Pressue Dam

tilt pad journal bearing preload

Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

Tilt pad journal bearings are normally 4 or 5 pad bearings. They can be made with flooded or direct lubrication and are mostly used in high speed turbomachinery.
For high speed machinery, journal pads can be made from copper-chrome-zirconium (CCZ) alloy backing material which helps to transfer heat generated in the oil film.

    4 or 5 Pad designs
    Flooded or direct lubrication
    Can be supplied with instrumentation
    Pre-load journal pad profile
    Range of materials included CCZ backing

combined thrust and journal bearing

Combined Thrust and Journal Bearings

Any type of journal bearing can be combined with a location face, taper land thrust face or tilt pad thrust bearings mounted to the body of the journal bearing.

tilt pad bearings

Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Tilt pad thrust bearings are typically modular; meaning the larger the diameter the more thrust pads are required. Lubrication can be flooded or direct lubrication through oil nozzles. Thrust pads are either centre or offset pivoted, where offset is uni-directional but offers a higher load capacity.

    Flooded or direct lubrication
    Steel, bronze or CCZ backing material

j series equalising thrust bearing

Equalising Thrust Bearings

Equalising thrust bearings use a series of lever or segments underneath the thrust pads to automatically level the assembly to ensure the best load distribution across all pads. These thrust pad bearings all have 6 pads and are manufactured from 5" to 23" diameter.

    Interchangeable design
    Steel, bronze and CCZ backing
    Can be supplied with instrumentation

floating oil seal

Floating Seals and Oil Rings

Floating seals are essentially a simple whitemetal lined seal that floats on the oil film to control the amount of oil within a bearing assembly. Oil Rings can be supplied by Oiltech to deliver oil to the rotating shaft for non pressurised bearing lubrication.

crosshead and pinion bearings

Crossheads and Pinions

Reciprocating compressor crossheads and gearbox pinions with whitemetal alloy on the outside diameter.

lead lined seals

Lead Lined Seals

Lead lined seals and balance piston seals are lined with a soft lining such as pure lead as they embed themselves on the shaft to ensure a good seal. The photograph is a stainless steel backed, pure lead lined seal.

aluminium labyrinth seals

Labyrinth Seals

Labrinth seals manufactured in various materials and designs.

ball mill bearing

Mill Bearing Pads

Large rolling mills for mining equipment often use whitemetal (Babbitt) lined mill pads to support the rotating drum in crushers. These are very large components and therefore repair is very ecocnomical compared to new manufacturing. Our expertise in large scale static casting enquires high quality whitemetal linings for repaired mill pads.