About Us

Oiltech was founded in 2018 by a team with over 70 years working in the industry. Despite being a small team, we have a unique combination of expertise in machining, metallurgy and bearing design/analysis. Our range of skills and experience ensure Oiltech Bearing can perform at high level.

Our Team

Patrick Chester

Patrick Chester

Managing Director

Over 15 years in operations, design and global technical sales. Set up and ran facilities in the UAE and completed a technology transfer contract in Malaysia.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris

Production Director

Sadly, Paul Harris passed away in 2023. He has been a key to the success of Oiltech Bearings and leaves a legacy for the team at Oiltech Bearings to continue.

Keith Chester

Dr. Keith Chester

Technical Director

Decades of experience in bearing design, manufacturing and repair. An expert in metallurgy, NDT and a true innovator in product and process development.

Join our Team

We are a young and dynamic company, continually investing in our production facilities to expand our product range and capabilities. We are keen to hire people at all levels with industry specific knowledge. We are flexible in finding solutions and exploring ways to expand our business.

If you are interested in working for us, please contact us by email: recruitment@oiltechbrg.com.