Oiltech Bearings was founded by a team that have worked in the industry for over 25 years.
We have a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience.

patrick chester
Patrick Chester
B.Eng, MIMechE, C.Eng

Patrick has worked in the industry for 15 years in the UK, UAE and Malaysia in roles covering engineering design, bearing performance analysis, quality, production, business development, finance and operations. For two years Patrick has run Chester Bearings Ltd, which has now transferred its bearing activities to Oiltech Bearings Ltd.

Paul Harris
Paul Harris

Paul has spent 12 years working in the industry and brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in production, quality and operations. Paul has worked on all type of bearing design and assemblies both in the UK and in the UAE.

Dr Keith Chester
Dr. Keith Chester
B.Sc, Msc, MIMMM, PhD

With 40 years experience in whitemetal bearings covering all aspects of production, metallurgy, and NDT; combined with in depth knowledge of tribology and applications for whitemetal bearings, Keith is well known around the world in the field of whitemetal bearings.


A unique part of Oiltech Bearings is its ERP System. Patrick Chester the architect and Managing Director of Fraction ERP, which provides cloud ERP solutions for small to medium sized manufacturing companies. This enables Oiltech Bearings as a relatively small business to use powerful, cloud hosted ERP software to run its operations.

Visit fractionerp.com to learn more.