Spare Part Problems Solved for Leading Edge Groove Journal Bearings

Re-engineering is a great way to solve spare part problems when sourcing spares is a problem. Original parts can take too long, cost too much from the OEM or perhaps the equipment has become obsolete. Using used or even new spares, production drawings and specifications can be engineered from the samples to enable Oiltech to manufacture new bearings.

This order took an interesting turn when the samples arrived without the journal pads, which probably had been donated for other bearings, or just assumed to be scrap. Four housings arrived for LEG journal pads, without the pads, some broken and missing oil transfer tubes but otherwise in good condition with the end covers.

LEG Journal Bearing Housing

Work started by re-engineering and creating 3D Models of the housings and end covers as these would be used for the new journal pads. The pad design was generated by applying bearing design expertise and ensuring the new parts would fit the housings, align with the oil transfer tubes, current shaft diameters and have appropriate pre-load.

design of leg journal pads

During manufacturing, the running clearance of the bearings was performed by a lift check, or "bump check" as it is done in the horizontal plane using a mandrel to replicate the journal.

design of leg journal pads

The design was approved for 4 bearing assemblies and production completed within a matter of weeks. The parts were fitted to the housings along with some new oil transfer tubes and new o-rings.

design of leg journal pads